Copier and Printer Maintenance Contacts

Tri-State Copiers Systems provides copier and printer maintenance contracts for all business sizes. A copier and/or printer maintenance contract is the perfect way to enjoy trouble free performance by ensuring your equipment is maintained and working correctly.

We offer maintenance packages with a low monthly payment so that you never have to worry about your copier or printer. It will be optimized to perform the way it should, and will be replenished when the ink or toner is running low.

Trust Tri-State Copiers For All Your Copier Maintenance Needs

Tri-State Copiers has had over 4 years of helping customers with their ongoing copier and printer maintenance in Florence, KY. Unlike other companies, Tri-State Copiers puts the customer first. It is important to us as is one of our pillars that the customer is taken care of and satisfied with our service.

We offer maintenance contracts for ALL copier and printer brands, even equipment currently not offered through Tri-State Copiers. Through regular maintenance, Tri-State Copiers technicians can monitor your equipment, improve efficiency and identify any issues before it becomes a problem. Tri-State Copiers can tailor a maintenance contract to fulfill all of your printer and copier needs.


Qualified Team of Copier and Printer Experts

Our copier and printer maintenance programs utilize a visit from some of the top technicians in Florence, KY. We offer a factory authorized team of trained technicians with years in the field.

All of our technicians have been professionally trained by the manufacturer to meet all repair and maintenance specifications to ensure that your copier and printer are properly cared for.

What Is Included With Your Maintenance Contract?

Tri-State Copiers maintenance contracts includes all interim service calls, with parts, labor, and supplies included as well (exceptions apply). Even toner can be included in your maintenance contract and this service can be easily renewed to ensure continuous reliable service.

Maintenance contracts start as low as $39 per month.

Easy Billing

We understand that cash flow is essential to many small businesses. This is why Tri-State Copiers maintenance contracts can be billed monthly, quarterly or annually to suit your business’ needs. Our accounting department and customer service representative will be happy to work with you to find a maintenance contract payment schedule to best fit your needs.

Also, we can arrange to have your maintenance contracts renewed to ensure that your company benefits from seamless and efficient customer service.

Response Time

Reliable service means having a service that will respond quickly to meet your businesses busy schedule. At Tri-State Copiers, we have put a focus on the fastest response times possible for our South Florida clientelle.

Rest assured that Tri-State Copiers has a 4 hour response time to all service calls during business hours. One of our technicians will be able to assist you with your issue. This will allow your business to return to work seamlessly.

Additional Services

Tri-State Copiers offers many additional services to meet your needs! We offer additional services that can easily be added to your maintenance contracts. Tri-State Copiers can monitor your toner usage which eliminates the need to call in for a replacement.

Our Management Print Services (MPS) can help your business work efficiently as you will be able to track your usage and make any adjustments accordingly. Additional services may also include service calls for unknown paper jams and feeds when normal checks do not solve the problem. Let us take the headache off of your IT department.


Do you have an older copier or printer and think you may be ready for an upgrade to something multi-functional and faster? Tri-State Copiers will offer fair credit towards any new equipment that your business may need. Our friendly staff will be able to help you through the trade-in process no matter if your printer and copier be a Xerox, Cannon, Toshiba, RICOH, Gestetner, Kyocera, Copystar, HP or Lanier brands. Upgrade yourself to a new reliable machine by giving one of our customer services representatives a call.

Tri-State Copiers has serviced the Cincinnati Tri-State area for the last 4 years. Give us a call to see if we can help you maintain your copiers and printers.